Swedish guy chose to live in Kunming for his love to China


                    [InKunming--Interviews Polls] A Swedish guy, Johan ?hlund, who met his Chinese online friends in real life the first time in 2013, in Guangzhou and Shenyang. The friendship gave him a deep impression about China and Chinese people.

                    Because of the warm welcoming by his online friends during his first visit in China, he started to think that Chinese people are very enthusiastic and friendly, so that he decided to come to study and live in China. 


                    Since then, he chose to get his master of Business Administration in Yunnan University of China. Until now, he has lived in Kunming for over 3 years, planning to marry with a Yunnan girl soon and work in Kunming after his graduation from the university.


                    To Johan, Kunming is a charming city that has some similarities to his hometown in Sweden. For example, the city’s suburb owns abundant nature resources, and beautiful and attractive scenery that move him most. 


                    Johan said that his hometown’s surroundings are also covered with forest, having the same characteristics as Kunming. He came to Kunming and China just because of destiny arrangement, according to Johan. 

                    “I found that Chinese language is so funny and makes sense to me! I almost learn Chinese idioms by reading a Chinese idiom dictionary every day now. I wish I could pass the highest level of Chinese HSK exam this year. The level 6th.” Johan told InKunming journalist. 


                    Talking about his spare time life, he would go out and stroll in Kunming and Yunnan’s villages with some of his Chinese friends by cycling or driving motorcycle. Kunming and Yunnan’s delicious food attract him very much.

                    “Mixian (rice noodles) is one of my most favourite foods. Mixian cooked with chicken soup, soft bean curd, minced pork or the other special ingredients always satisfied my tongue and stomach a lot.” Johan enjoyed the city’s local foods very much.


                    For his staying in Kunming and in Guangzhou before, Johan is also familiar with some of Chinese traditional festivals. China’s dragon boat festival that was celebrated in June is one of the Chinese festivals Johan has celebrated. 

                    “Guangzhou celebrated the dragon boat festival by rowing boats, but things are different here in Kunming. I only saw Chinese people eating Zongzi (a traditional Chinese rice-budding) in Kunming and I ate with them, too. ”Johan noted that Zongzi with fillings of pork ham tasted a little salty, and the Zongzi with brown sugar tasted nice.  


                    If everything goes very smoothly, Johan will graduate from the university in 2020, and may do some consultation work that relates to One Belt and One Road Initiative in China. Right now, he has made some investigation in a Kunming’s weaving art company, helping him to finish his graduation dissertation. 


                    “On the whole, Kunming is really a nice city I love to stay in spite of its a bit disordered traffic problem. But I am expecting to get more fun in Kunming and China. I think the city and the country is very promising. ” Johan told. 

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