Winter Strawberries Hit the Market in Kunming

                    If you’re looking for a fun-filled day trip, try your hand at strawberry picking in Kunming at sunny days!


                    A large number of winter strawberries have been on the market recently, and strawberry fields around Kunming have also ushered in the picking season. There are greenhouses of the strawberry fields on the both sides of Huanhu South Ring Road. The sign says "Strawberries are ripe, welcome to pick" attracting people to enjoy the fun of picking strawberries.


                    The "Jingxiang Ecological Strawberry Picking Garden", located at the intersection of Anle Village, Jinning, has planted four kinds of high-quality strawberry varieties in a 10 mu strawberry greenhouse.


                    "The strawberries have ripen since the end of October. December is the peak harvest season. However, the picking speed of the customers is far beyond that of strawberries ripening. Especially on weekends, if you come late, there is no ripen fruits available." The staff of the strawberry garden said: "It is the time for winter strawberries to come to the market and the strawberry picking can last until the end of May next year."


                    In the afternoon, more and more people came to the garden to pick strawberries. Mr. Wang said, "we can walk around at Xiaoyu Village or go camping in the wetland near Dianchi Lake after picking strawberries. It's very interesting."


                    In recent years, Kunming has focused on building an integrated development model that integrates leisure, sightseeing and picking to promote the deep integration of agriculture and tourism. As far as strawberry picking, Xihua Community, Fushan Community, Tuanjie Street of Xishan District, Shalang Community of Wuhua District, Huanhu South Ring Road in Jinning District, and Wenquan Street of Anning City, including Fumin County, Yiliang County, Shilin County and other surrounding counties, have taken advantage of beautiful ecology and convenient transportation to develop strawberry planting. The popular strawberry picking maps around Kunming have been engraved in people's minds.


                    Call ahead to see if strawberries are ripe and available for picking, as the farms very occasionally shut for a week here and there – especially if they need to wait for the next batch to ripen up. This applies for all of the strawberry farms in Kunming!

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