Mile-Mengzi High-speed Railway Opened on Dec.16


                    According to the China Railway Kunming Group Co.,Ltd., Ltd., Mile-Mengzi high-speed railway in Yunnan opened for operation on Dec.16.

                    Located in Yunnan's Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Mile-Mengzi high-speed railway is the first intercity high-speed railway opened in 30 ethnic minority autonomous prefectures in China. 


                    There are 5 stations on the whole line: Mile, Zhuyuan, Pengpu, Kaiyuannan and Honghe. The main line is about 107 kilometers long, passenger trains operating on the railway are due to travel at 250 km per hour.


                    At the early stage of operation of Mile-Mengzi high-speed railway, the railway department will arrange to run CRH trains. It may take only 69 minutes from Kunming South Railway Station to Honghe Station, and three places in Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture can be reached in half an hour, including Mile, Kaiyuan and Mengzi. The railway department will adjust the train operation plan according to the passenger traffic.

                    China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. began selling the tickets at 16:00 on Dec.15th. For more details like train number, timetable and other information, passengers can check the WeChat official account of "China Railway" (中國鐵路) and the official website, WeChat official account, and APP of "12306 China Railway" (鐵路12306).


                    Mile-Mengzi high-speed railway is connected to the Nanning-Kunming high-speed railway in the northward and the Kunming-Hekou railway in the southward, which formed an important part of the railway passage from Southwest China to ASEAN countries. Its opening and operation will further improve the road network structure in southeast Yunnan, greatly facilitate the travel of people of all ethnic groups along the route, and help the development of tourism and other industries. It is also of great significance to accelerate the development of ethnic areas, comprehensively promote rural revitalization, and promote high-level opening to the outside world.

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