Saying Goodbye to Mosaicultures in Kunming

                    Recently, many citizens found that the mosaiculture "Flower Fairy" on Jinbi Square has disappeared, as well as the "harmony" and other groups of mosaicultures in Nanping Street and Sanshi Street. These mosaicultures, which were shortlisted for the “China Kunming Mosaiculture Competition” are now being demolished as planned to showcase until the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP15) to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)  closed, according to the organizers.

                    The three-dimensional mosaiculture in Jinbi Square is named "Symbiosis and Integration", and won the Most Popular Award and Class A Gold Award in the “China Kunming Mosaiculture Competition”. Many citizens like to call it the "Flower Fairy". It's a pity that it was demolished. Lang Xianzhi, general manager of Jinbi Mall, said that the "Flower Fairy" was removed on December 18. "The mosaiculture made a splash when it first appeared, attracting flocks of visitors home and aborad. There are also many videos about it on Douyin and tiktok. Although it was demolished, it will remain in memories for good." Lang added.


                    The mosaiculture "Flower Fairy"

                    Mr. Lei still remembers the scene of admiring the three-dimensional mosaiculture "Divine Birds Talking Together" in the Haigeng Hall during the National Day holiday last year. "These beautiful landscapes are also a symbol of Yunnan's biodiversity, and I hope that similar works can appear on the streets of Kunming again," Mr. Lei said.


                    The three-dimensional mosaiculture "Divine Birds Talking Together"

                    According to the relevant person in charge of the "Flower Fairy" design, the mosaiculture was designed and manufactured by using 3D modeling technology. It took nearly 60 days from the detailed plan to the on-site installation, and it was implemented last September.  "When the plan came out, we knew that it would be welcomed by citizens. But the popularity was far beyond our expectation. Thanks for people's love and recognition, which was a big surprise for us." The person in charge said that the company team would continue to actively cooperate and participate in the landscaping construction of Kunming, and strive to provide more satisfactory works for Kunming.

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